Frequently Asked Questions

When will I know if I have met the high school eligibility requirements?

Where can I attend college and use the scholarship?

Do I have to start college right away after high school? What if I take a year off before starting college?

Do I need to be a full-time student or can I use the scholarship as a part-time student?

How do I remain eligible to receive scholarship money from The Degree Project after my first year of college?

How much scholarship money will I get?

What if the Financial Aid Office says I don't have any financial need?

If I transfer colleges will I still be able to use The Degree Project scholarship?

How many years after high school graduation do I have to use the scholarship?

What will happen if I do not use all of the scholarship money in four years after high school graduation?

Do I need to be a U.S. citizen to get The Degree Project scholarship?

Do I need to complete an application or essay to be eligible for The Degree Project?

What is the FAFSA® And why do I need to file it every year?

When do I file the FAFSA® form?

How can I get help completing the FAFSA® form?

Can I receive financial aid in addition to The Degree Project scholarship? If so, what financial aid is available?

How will I receive scholarship dollars awarded through The Degree Project?

Can I use the scholarship for graduate school?

Does the money I receive through The Degree Project scholarship have to be paid back?