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Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation & Affiliates

Great Lakes has promoted higher education access and completion for students of color, low-income students and first-generation students for 50 years. For The Degree Project, we have committed up to $5.4 million in scholarship funding.

The MPS Logo

Milwaukee Public Schools, Wisconsin's largest school district

With a shared belief that every student should have the choice to advance to college without financial barriers, our partnership with MPS was a critical part of the project.

The IES Logo

The U.S. Department of Education's Institute
for Education Sciences

Independently funding the research, they fill an important need in helping to objectively evaluate this project in order to determine its effectiveness.

Professor Douglas Harris

Economics Professor Dr. Douglas Harris
and the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Through UW-Madison we were connected with Dr. Harris, a specialist in the economics of education. Dr. Harris, who is now with Tulane University, brings the critical thinking and analysis necessary for a study of this scope.

The participating students and their families

The key players in this project, we made sure they were kept informed and up-to-date by sending "on track" letters along with information regarding financial aid, course work and college costs three times during each year they attended high school.